We aim to make the booking process simple yet thorough to ensure your pick-up process is quick, hassle-free, and free from surprises.

You must be at least 30 years of age. Search for your trip dates and preferred locations for your favorite vehicle. Upon confirmation and payment, you will be directed to the details form where we collect most of the information required for your rental agreement.

You must provide proof of valid driver’s license and insurance.

Two weeks prior to the reservation start date, the rental agreement will be emailed to you for an electronic signature. Also, an invoice for authorization of the remaining balance plus deposit amount will be emailed to you. (The final charge and return of the deposit will happen at the end of the reservation)

The credit card used for payment MUST be under the renter’s name.


You must have your valid driver’s license, insurance card, and credit card with you on the day of pick-up. We will meet at the predetermined time and location and confirm your driver’s license, insurance card, and credit card are all valid.

We will fill out the vehicle condition report together and we will review the vehicle operation, documentation, and answer any questions you may have before you start your adventure.


We will meet at the predetermined time and location and fill out the vehicle report together.

After gathering feedback from you and saying goodbye, we perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle and send you a rental return form for an electronic signature.

After the rental return form is signed, we will refund the deposit amount less any incidentals, reservation changes, or repairs.


A deposit is required for all rentals, with the amount varying based on the value of the vehicle. Two weeks prior to the reservation, the amount is authorized to the renter’s credit card.


Days before reservation start:Refund amount:
14 days or more100% refund
3 days or more50% refund of rental amount and 100% refund of deposit
3 days or less0% refund of rental amount and 100% refund of deposit


Do not move the vehicle until police arrive. If possible, turn off engines, gaurd against fire, and watch for fuel leaks. DO NOT MOVE someone who is injured.

Call the police or 911 if severe. Call rentGT’s office immediately after talking with emergency responders (707-940-0848).

Make no statement about the accident except to police, rentGT, or your insurance company. Document with notes and photos while memory is fresh. Gather other driver’s name, phone number, and insurance information.

Obtain a police report and notify rentGT with this information asap.

rentGT will coordinate vehicle towing or return to garage.


If you are involved in an accident, see information above. Call the police or 911 if severe.

Notify rentGT of any damage as soon as it occurs or as you notice it. Document date/time, location and cause of the damage. Take photos.

In most cases, your rental charges will be settled and agreement closed prior to coordinating payment for any repairs.

Roadside Assistance

If you are in need of roadside assistance, call rentGT (707-940-0848) and advise us of your situation.